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Inspired By Hope

Borrow My Hope Bracelet TM-Thin Gold Line Collection

Borrow My Hope Bracelet TM-Thin Gold Line Collection

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This Borrow My Hope Bracelet TM is designed to bring calm when often there is chaos. The lava beads are meant to hold essential oils that will release oils throughout the day and during your shifts. You can roll the beads as an anti-anxiety release.

Often when we are "the helpers" and lifesavers it can be hard to remember that we have to take care of ourselves too. Included with each Borrow My Hope Bracelet is a laminated card designed by Jennifer Tracy- designed to infuse HOPE and remind you that it is not selfish to reach out for help should you need it. 

Bracelets are meant to be a snug fit so that the lava beads touch your skin, of course if you hate tight bracelets pick the size you feel is best.


Scarf not included- Check out the entire Borrow My Hope TM Dispatcher line here

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